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On December 3, the educational event “Citizenship and Patriotism” organized by the Student Youth Organization of Sumgayit State University was held at the Faculty of Philology.
The event began with the sounding of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event was opened by the deputy dean of the Faculty of Philology Zohra Gafarova. She noted that such events will contribute to the physical and spiritual development of the young generation, educating young people in the spirit of citizenship and patriotism, which is important from the point of view of directing the forces and skills of young people to develop and strengthen our statehood. The youth policy of our country is aimed at raising a decent and healthy generation of citizens. That is why the existence of any nation requires the presence of healthy youth. National leader Heydar Aliyev said: “Our youth should know our history well. They must know our language and our national values. A young person who does not know our national values, national traditions and history cannot be a true patriot. Every young man must be a patriot. Patriotism is not just military service, but devotion to the homeland, love of one’s country, attachment to the land - that’s patriotism!”
Associate professor Boyukkhanim Eminli, head of the Department of Azerbaijani language and its teaching methods, said that youth policy in Azerbaijan is an important part of state policy. The decree of President Ilham Aliyev on the approval of the State Program “Azerbaijan Youth in 2017-2021” is a manifestation of state concern for youth. Our youth should work hard for the sake of the integrity and independence of Azerbaijan, justifying the confidence of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who places great hopes on them.
In the end, the questions of interest to students were responded.
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