Qarabağ Azərbaycandır!
As usual, Sumgayit State University starts new academic year with several innovations. In order to meet the students at the highest level, appropriate work was done both in terms of the quality of teaching and the auditorium and laboratories' alignment to the highest standards. Also, in many faculties new teaching laboratories have been established. All necessary documents for the 2019/2020 academic year - student cards, certificates for grades have been prepared. In order to further improve the educational process and develop the material and technical base, new equipment for the modern teaching laboratories was purchased, the auditoriums were renovated, and the old writing boards were replaced with new ones.
Reagents for the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology were purchased and given to the departments. A modern chromatographic device was purchased, installed in the Department of Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering.
In all laboratories and classrooms the repair work was carried out to strengthen the material and technical base of the Faculty of Physics and Electroenergetics. New laboratory equipment was purchased from Germany: laboratory stand on the subject of Electrical drive, laboratory equipment on the subject of electromagnetism and semiconductor physics. The new laboratory facilities to be purchased in the future are: equipment for the subject of electromagnetism and semiconductor, laboratory stands on Electrotechnics. It is worth noting that the Museum of Electric Power in the open air and the High Voltage Substation Training polygon have been built and will be commissioned in the near future. Two stands for non-conventional energy production have been prepared for display at the International Education Exhibition held in the Republic.
For the new academic year, special subject-specific cabinets "Turkology" and "Psychological service in education" have been created at the Philology faculty, provided with stands and books. In addition, the “Preschool and primary education” cabinet that was put into use last year were enriched with new stands and information boards. The change in all three cabinets is designed to make the student-teacher interaction more interactive. Surveillance cameras have been installed in all rooms for better control over training and education. At the same time, new subject classrooms are provided with projectors and smart boards to improve the quality of the lessons.
New engineering laboratories have been established at the Faculty of Engineering. In the Department of information and computer technology 4 stands for the laboratory "Electronics" and "Microprocessor control and digital systems"; for Process automation Department “Control-measuring devices”; and 6 stands for "Programmed Logic Controllers", "Automation Techniques and study of regulatory systems ". In these new laboratories, students will gain practical skills in the use of modern technical equipment in Regulatory techniques, Programmed logic controllers, Technological measurements, Sensor systems subjects.
Preparation for the 2019-2020 academic year at the Faculty of Economics and Management is at a high level. Two specialized subject rooms (405 and 418) are also commissioned and modernized this year: Business Management and Management. The faculty has all the conditions for quality teaching.
The SSU Scientific Library is supplemented with new books bought in 2019. For 6 months of this year, the library received 2526 copies of books. 2492 copies of books in Azerbaijani, and 34 - in Russian and other languages. Of these, 2302 books, textbooks and teaching aids, 126 - non-fiction, 24 - fiction, 10 - socio-political, 33 journals, 31 textbooks. The scientific library has an electronic library and an electronic catalog. Textbooks and teaching aids coming from departments, programs, syllabuses, doctoral and master's dissertations, lecture texts are placed on a computer for the purpose of further use by students.
To improve the quality of education, new computers, projectors and scanners were purchased. To increase the speed of the Internet, 3 servers were purchased, and additional equipment was purchased for the printing house.
In all three educational buildings, repair works were carried out. The territory of the educational building is landscaped, about 3000 m2 are covered with asphalt, and 2000 m2 - with slabs. A modern courtyard lighting system was created, the fence and sidewalks were updated, benches were placed.
Sumgayit State University expands its international relations from year to year. It should be noted that on July 14-21, 2019, at the initiative of the Association of Russian-Azerbaijani Universities and with the support of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, the Summer School "Travel to the Land of Fire Azerbaijan" was organized at SSU.
About 70 students and teachers from universities of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation participated in the Summer School. Holding Summer School will help to expand scientific cooperation and strengthen friendship between our peoples.
Within the framework of the Association, leading employees, scientists and students of SSU participated in various forums. At the same time, scientists from Russia participated in scientific conferences, published the results of research work in the journals of SSU "Scientific News". Sumgait State University widely uses the Bologna system of education. A credit system is applied, student mobility is provided, summer schools are organized, colloquia and independent work are held.
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