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On April 10, scientific-practical conference on “Today and tomorrow of Sumgayit” got started at Sumgayit State University, dedicated to 70th anniversary of Sumgayit city.
Head of Sumgayit city Executive Power Zakir Farajov and professor-teaching staff of the university took part in the conference.
Rector of university Professor Elkhan Huseynov commenced the conference, hailed head of Sumgayit city Executive Power Zakir Farajov and attendees and congratulated him and city residents. He expressed his gratitude to Zakir Farajov on behalf of employees and students for arranging one of the meetings on 70th anniversary of Sumgayit city at our university. He said: “Today our country is recognized as a prestigious country. Gained achievements prove that political and economic course, founded by great leader Heydar Aliyev is successfully carried on by President Ilham Aliyev. State programs on socio-economic improvement of regions have a special place in the activity of president. As a consequence of these programs, great progress has been achieved in all regions of the country and living conditions of the people bettered”. Rector also talked about infrastructural projects executed in Sumgayit. He notified that cultural level of the city raised, several reforms implemented for its development according to state program and new achievements obtained under the leadership of Zakir Farajov.
Afterwards Professor Elkhan Huseynov gave wide information about establishment history, activity directions, implemented international programs and projects of the university. “The name and development of Sumgayit State University directly associated with Sumgayit city, powerful industrial center of South Caucasus and it has important services in formation of cadre potential, scientific-cultural elite. The university, known by higher educational institutions of CIS, Turkey and some European states with success achieved on integration to European values, has become famous not only with material-technical base, auditoria, laboratories supplied with further achievements of ICT, but also with its scientists, famous lecturers, cadre potential and professor-teaching staff”. Emphasizing increasing scientific potential of SSU, rector notified that institution of Dissertation Board will contribute to the advancement of cadre potential in our country. The works will be executed in direction of establishment of innovative teaching and training center of technopark for the purpose of obtaining extra theoretical and practical knowledge. Internally displaced persons, who habited in dormitories of the university were provided with new flats, thus those dormitories will be repaired and given to students.
Then head of Sumgayit city Executive Power Zakir Farajov greeted university collective and said: “Sumgayit State University is a higher educational institution which has more than half a century development way; prepares qualified specialists, has a strong material-technical base and enlarges its international relations day by day. Substantial steps have been stridden towards improvement and modernization of education and raising it to the level of world standards under the leadership of Rector Elkhan Huseynov. Scientific research conducted at the university in actual directions and new achievements gained presently. These achievements are highly appreciated by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. I wish success to the collective of SSU”.
Zakir Farajov then talked about construction works executed in the city on the eve of jubilee, implementation of large-scale projects, building of new industrial enterprises and rapid development of Sumgayit as a result of Ilham Aliyev’s care and attention to the city. He noted: “Modern boulevard has been built, roads in the microdistricts, streets and prospects have been repaired, parks in various parts of the city renovated. The building of Sumgayit State Drama Theatre and Chemist's Palace of Culture repaired in national architectural style. These works will be carried on in the future as well”.
Mr. Zakir Farajov also said: “We will celebrate 70th anniversary of Sumgayit city this year. President Ilham Aliyev signed the Decree on celebrating 70th anniversary of Sumgayit. The city has become one of the big industrial centers of our country. As an active participant of national state building, Sumgayit is involved in raising economic power of Azerbaijan by its achievements and contributes to strengthening cultural and intellectual potential of the country. In 70-80s of last century, petroleum and chemical industry rapidly developed in Sumgayit as a consequence of national leader Heydar Aliyev’s care and attention. The interest rose to this industrial city, which is the second industrial center of South Caucasus after Baku, due to visits and attention of President Ilham Aliyev”.
At the end, the mayor responded the questions of lecturers and students. He pointed out that “Municipal scholarship” will be given to excellent students. Mr. Zakir Farajov also promised to assist the alumni of the university with their employment in the enterprises of Sumgayit city.
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