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The meeting held with youth at Yeni Azerbaijan Party. Deputy Prime Minister, deputy head of Yeni Azerbaijan Party-executive secretary Ali Ahmadov notified in the event that on February 1, President of Azerbaijan Republic, chairman of Yeni Azerbaijan Party Ilham Aliyev met with youth, gave his recommendations. Ali Ahmadov noted: “Azerbaijani President calls special attention to the dialogue with young people. It is difficult to serve people without knowing their wishes and desires. Mr. President regularly visits different regions of Azerbaijan, meets citizens, hears their thought, desires and takes into consideration in state policy. In this sense meeting with youth is of great importance”.
Deputy head of YAP emphasized that there are a large number of young persons in party membership: “The majority of more than 700 thousand members of YAP is young people. Every year 25-30 thousand new members are accepted to the party and young persons are dominating. This means that they call special importance to learning Heydar Aliyev Heritage, support Ilham Aliyev’s policy and demonstrate it by being YAP member”. He continued: “Our youth has to be patriotic, not depending on where they are. They have to be active in socio-political life, so they are future politicians and administrators. The next municipal elections will be held in December, 2019. We will endeavor that our active young people participate as candidates in this election, thus could gain the chance to participate at socio-political life of the country”.
Vice-rector on Humanitarian Issues of Sumgayit State University, head of Sumgayit city organization of Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ramiz Huseynov and a group of students took part in the meeting.
Senior student of Faculty of History and Geography of SSU Teymur Aslanli delivered speech and pointed out that National leader Heydar Aliyev, who conducted reforms in all spheres of socio-political and cultural life, always paid special attention to the role of youth in these processes. “New education institutions, youth centers, military schools were opened, thousands of Azerbaijani people studied at prestigious universities of USSR in his administration. Youth policy is successfully carried on by President Ilham Aliyev. In his speech which he delivered at Baku Congress Center on February 1 dedicated to Youth Day, President Ilham Aliyev recommended us to be educated, professional, patriotic citizens. Modern Azerbaijani youth is quite patriotic. We witnessed it in April fights. We live in a state of war, therefore our fighting spirit, commitment to homeland and valuing our history should be in high level. Azerbaijani youth regularly attends international events. They don’t only attend these events, but also they take place in a managerial staff of international organizations. They directly participate in forming policy of various regions of the world. Youth is always in the center of attention in Sumgayit, too. President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Sumgayit, opening new workplaces, building social objects and Sumgayit Youth House is a sample of state care to youth. I express gratitude to our President for this care on behalf of youth of Sumgayit. Our Sumgayit State University also calls special attention to young people. In 2018, 16 master students of SSU commenced to work as the employee of the University. I think that young generation should keep on achieving new achievements and plunge our three-colored flag in occupied lands of Azerbaijan”.
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