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Department of Azerbaijani language and its teaching methods
According to order dated 29.03.2017 of Scientific Board of SSU, department of Azerbaijani language and linguistics was united with department of Azerbaijani Language and teaching methodology of literature, thus department of Azerbaijani language ant its teaching methods was established., docent Aslanov Yusif Yusubali oglu began to lead the department. Docent Eminli Boyukkhanim Ibrahim gizi has been leading the Department since December, 2017.
In the 2022-2023 academic year, 1 professor, 9 associate professors (1 of them is a doctor of sciences), 10 senior lecturers (2 of them is a doctor of philosophy in philology), 8 lecturers (4 of them is a doctor of philosophy in philology), 5 teaching assistants are working in the department.
Names and positions of the personnel:
1. Eminli Boyukkhanim Ibrahim gizi – head of department, PhD in philology, part-time docent
2. Bayramov Astan Ahmadkhan oglu – doctor of phil.scienc., part-time professor
3. Rustamov Azamat Murtuza oglu – PhD in philology, docent
4. Ashrafov Rustam Gulu oglu – PhD in pedagogy, docent
5. Aghayev Ismayil Aydin oglu – PhD in philology, docent
6. Mammadova Aytan Jeyhun gizi – PhD in philology, docent
7. Pashayeva Gunel Bakhsheyish gizi- PhD in philology, docent
8. Mammadova Sona Ali gizi – senior lecturer, PhD in philology
9. Jafarova Nabat Beydulla gizi – part-time docent, PhD in pedagogy
10. Mursaliyeva Khayala Mughamat gizi – PhD in philology, docent
11. Bayramova Arzu Astan gizi – PhD in philology, senior lecturer
12. Allahverdiyeva Leyla Nasib gizi – PhD in philology, lecturer
13. Ibayev Nemat Alish oglu – PhD in philology, docent
14. Ahmadov Nofal Shamshad oglu - part-time senior lecturer
15. Shirinov Faig Imamali oglu - senior lecturer
16. Baghirova Aynura Siyabkhan gizi– senior lecturer
17. Hamzayeva Lala Aladdin gizi – senior lecturer
18. Ahmadova Elnara Huseynagha gizi– senior lecturer
19. Rzayev Ali Ittifag oglu – senior lecturer
20. Mammadova Aybaniz Abil gizi – senior lecturer
21. Shirinova Mayguba Movlud gizi – senior lecturer
22. Maharramova Matanat Hidayat - PhD in philology, lecturer
23. Aliyeva Leyla Allahgulu gizi – PhD in philology, lecturer
24. Imamaliyeva Gunay Sardar gizi - PhD in philology,lecturer
25. Sattarova Aygun Aydin gizi - lecturer
26. Guliyeva Dilara Rustam gizi – lecturer
27. Musayeva Ilaha Ilham gizi – lecturer
28. Aliyev Elshad Taleh oglu – lecturer
29. Aghasiyeva Matanat Safar gizi - senior lab.assist.
30. Mammadrefiyeva Afag Soltanmecid – senior lab.assist.
31. Asgarova Laman Samad gizi - lab.assitant
32. Aghalarova Vusala Aghamirza gizi- lab.assist.
33. Mammadova Aysel Sabir gizi – lab.assist.
1 dissertation student on doctor of philological sciences; 3 doctoral students, 4 dissertation students on doctor of philosophy program, 2 doctoral students(SSU), 17 master students are engaged in scientific work at the department. 3 doctoral students defended their dissertation work and submitted their documents to HAC.
Taught subjects
Bachelor’s degree:
Modern Azerbaijani language – 1,2
Modern Azerbaijani language –3,4
Modern Azerbaijani language
Azerbaijani language
Azerbaijani language and speech culture
Learnt basic language -1, 2
Learnt basic language - 3, 4
Teaching methodology of Azerbaijani language
Practicum from the Azerbaijani language
Practical training from Azerbaijani language
History of Azerbaijani literary language
Language history
Introduction to Linguistics
General Linguistics
Azerbaijani dialectology
Azerbaijani onomastics
Speech culture
Orthography and orthoepy training
Development of students" communicative speech
Basics of the curriculum of general education
Practicum of expressive reading
Expressive reading
Ancient Azerbaijani script
Ancient Turkish written monuments
Comparative grammar
Methodology of speech development
Introduction to country philology
Ancient language
Country studies
Style and speech culture
 Style and rhetoric
 Linguistic analysis of the text
 Comparative grammar of Turkic languages
 Ancient alphabet
 Business and academic communication in Azerbaijani language
 Azerbaijani language and its teaching methodology in primary classes - 1,2
 Development of coherent speech of students
 Theoretical and practical issues in native language teaching
 New learning technologies in preschool institutions
 Master’s degree
1. Modern problems of Azerbaijani linguistics
2. History and methodology of Azerbaijani language
3. Phonetics and phonology
4. Lexical-semantic system of Azerbaijani language
5. Morphology and morphonology
6. Syntactics and text linguistics
7. History of Azerbaijani linguistics
8. Styles of Azerbaijani language
9. Phraseology of Azerbaijani language
10. Semasiology of Azerbaijani language
11. Onomological system of Azerbaijani language
12. Medieval written monuments
13. Derivatology in Azerbaijani language
14. Research methods
15. Modern problems of teaching methods of Azerbaijani language
16. History and methodology of teaching methods of Azerbaijani language
17. Teaching history of Azerbaijani language and literature
18. Usage of new training technologies in the lessons of Azerbaijani language and literature
19. Subject curriculum of Azerbaijani language and literature
20. Orthography and orthoepy of Azerbaijani language
21. Azerbaijani alphabet
22. Azerbaijani onomastics
23. Textbooks and manuals for secondary schools
24. Actual problems of speech development methodology
The employees of the department are conducting on scientific-research work on  5801.01- Theory and methods of training and education, fields and levels of education,5706.01- Azerbaijani language directions .
In 2022, 1 monograph, 2 textbooks, 2 manuals, 3 programs, 25 articles (9 of them abroad), 24 theses (8 of them abroad) scientific articles were published in prestigious journals of foreign countries in 2022.
During the last 5 years (2018 - 2022), 5 monographs, 6 textbooks, 6 teaching aids, 2 methodological aids, 16 subject programs, 9 programs, 157 articles (38 of them abroad), 167 theses (52 of them abroad) were published.
80 articles (18 of them in abroad), 64 theses (9 in abroad), as well as several scientific articles were published in prestigious journals of foreign countries in 2018/2019 academic year.
Department employees  cooperate with Linguistics Institute of ANAS named after Nasimi, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Education Institute of Azerbaijan Republic.
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20