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Department of pedagogy and psychology
1. Department of pedagogy and psychology was established according to order dated 25.12.1997 of Scientific Board of SSU. PhD in philosophy, docent Mammadov Jeyhun Hasan oglu was leading the department in 1997-2001. PhD in pedagogy, docent Mammadov Tariyel Mammad oglu was the chief of the department in 2001-2017. PhD in pedagogy, docent Mammadova Aytakin Telman gizi has been leading the department since May, 2017.
2. 1 professor, 7 docents, 9 senior lecturers (4 PhD) and 6 lecturers (1PhD) are working at the department.
3. Names and positions of the personnel
1. Mammadova Aytakin Telman gizi – head of the department, PhD in pedagogy, part-time docent
2. Huseynzada Rufat Latif oglu – in pedagogy, part-time professor
3. Mammadov Jeyhun Hasan oglu – in philosophy, docent
4. Salamova Kamala Bahazar oglu – PhD in psychology, docent
5. Huseynov Shikar Ali oglu - PhD in pedagogy, docent
6. Mirzayeva Sevar Sarvat gizi - PhD in psychology, docent
7. Karimova Sevinj Arif gizi - PhD in pedagogy, docent
8. Ismayilova Mehriban Jalal gizi - PhD in psychology, part-time docent
9. Guliyeva Shahnaz Mustafa gizi - PhD in psychology, docent
10. Hajiyeva Ayna Shirzad gizi - PhD in psychology, docent
11. Huseynova Irada Aghali gizi – PhD student on psychology, senior lecturer
12. Isayeva Zabita Mustafa gizi - PhD student on psychology, senior lecturer
13. Aliyeva Lala Mammad gizi - PhD in psychology, senior lecturer
14. Rzayeva Sevinj Bakhish gizi – PhD candidate, senior lecturer
15. Ayyubova Rima Huseyn – PhD candidate, lecturer
16. Adigozalova Shalala Ali gizi - PhD in pedagogy, part-time senior lecturer
17. Samadov Teymur Qirimkhan oglu – PhD candidate, part-time lecturer
18. Maharramova Elza Khanish gizi - PhD in pedagogy, lecturer
19. Dadashzada Ahliman Ibrahim oglu – lecturer
20. Gasimova Tahira Alish gizi – lecturer
21. Jafarli Roya Hamid gizi – PhD candidate, lecturer
22. Mammadova Sudaba Mammad gizi - PhD candidate, part-time lecturer
23. Habibullayeva Vafa Mamish gizi - lecturer
24. Pashayeva Saida Vasif gizi – PhD student on pedagogy, head lab.worker
25. Mammadova Yavar Kamal gizi – head of the cabinet
26. Mammadrafiyeva Afag Soltanhamid gizi – senior lab.worker
4. 13 PhD students are engaged in scientific work at the department.
5. Taught subjects
Bachelor’s degree:
1. Psychology
2. Child psychology
3. Age and pedagogical psychology
4. Ethnopsychology
5. Pedagogical psychology
6. Family psychology
7. Communication psychology
8. Psycholinguistics
9. Mathematical methods in psychology
10. General psychological practice
11. General psychology
12. Experimental psychology
13. History of psychology
14. Clinical psychology
15. Development and age psychology
16. Social psychology
17. Law psychology
18. Comparative psychology
19. Communication and mutual relations psychology
20. Psychological service
21. Political psychology
22. Psychology of individuality and personality
23. Psychology of emotion and motivation
24. Psychodiagnostics and psychoconsultation
25. Psychology of management
26. Psychological thought and scientific psychology in Azerbaijan
27. Base of psychology
28. Socio-psychological service and psychological practice in education
29. Psychoanalysis
30. Psychopedagogy
31. Activity and communication psychology
32. Teaching methods of psychology
33. Psychology of creativity
34. Pedagogy
35. Preschool pedagogy
36. Pedagogy of primary education
37. Social pedagogy
38. School and pedagogical thought history in Azerbaijan
39. Games for schoolchildren
40. Defectology and bases of logopedics
41. Inclusive education
42. Bases of preparation for school education
43. Upbringing of preschool children in the family
44. New teaching technologies in preschool institutions
45. Pedagogical mastership
46. Family pedagogy
47. Comparative pedagogy
48. Management of education
49. Psychology (Russian sector)
50. Pedagogy (Russian sector)
51. Defectology and bases of logopedics (Russian sector)
52. Communication psychology (Russian sector)
Master’s degree (all specialties):
1. University psychology
2. University pedagogy
Master’s degree (on psychology)
1. Psychology of person
2. The problem of consciousness and unconsciousness in psychology
3. Formation and development of psychological thinking in Azerbaijan
4. Theory and practice in psychological experiment
5. The level and processes of cognition in psychology
6. Actual problems of psychology teaching
7. Mentality psychology: modern condition and development perspectives
8. The problems of formation and management of psychological processes
Master’s degree (on HPE)
1. History and methodology of preschool education
2. Methods of teaching and upbringing in preschool children
3. Defectology and logopedics in preschool institutions
4. Preschool curriculum reform
6. Scientific directions of the department. Scientific-research works are conducted on main directions of pedagogy and psychology in Azerbaijan Republic. Main direction – formation of personality in modern time and conceptual problems of upbringing.
Scientific-research works are conducted on following topics at the department:
1. The role of emotions in deviant behavior of teenagers
2. Psychological view of personality
3. Psychological problems of management
4. Personality problem in psychological thought history of Azerbaijan
5. The impact of psycho-emotional conditions to formation of student personality
6. Attitude toward young girls in Azerbaijani families and psychological bases of their family lives
7. Psychological features of students cognitive activity in problematic situations
8. Pedagogical heritage of B.B. Komenski and its influence to the development of pedagogy in Azerbaijan
9. System of work on students moral conscious and formation of exemplary behavior
10. Psychological features of scientific creativity (on the basis of activity of scientist-pedagogues)
7. Recent scientific publications of the department: 52 subject syllabuses, 5 monographs, 6 subject programs, 6 textbooks and 7 manuals were published.
8. The department personnel collaborate with Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Baku State University, Education Institute of Azerbaijan Republic and Lankaran State University.
9. Awards:
1. Mammadova Aytekin Telman – Advanced education worker (2018)
2. Huseynzada Rufat Latif – Honored teacher (2009)
3. Mammadov Jeyhun Hasan - Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2017)
4. Salamova Kamala Bahazar - Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2017, 2018)
5. Guliyeva Shahnaz Mustafa – Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2017)
6. Karimova Sevinj Arif - Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2017)
7. Ayyubova Rima Huseyn - Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2017)
8. Hajiyeva Ayna Shirzad - Honorary diploma for achievements gained in pedagogical activity (2018)
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20