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Department of Biology and its teaching methods
The department was established in 2002 with the name of Natural sciences. Professor A.B. Mammadov, docent V.S. Ismayilov, docent R.I. Bashirov took active part in establishment of the department. First chief of the department was docent V.S. Ismayilov. In 2005, the department was called General biology and bases of natural sciences, in 2007 General biology, thus docent R.I. Bashirov began to lead the department. In 2013 the department of Zoology and biology was united with the department of Teaching methods of geography and was led by Arzu Yelmar oglu Bakhshaliyev. According to order dated 29.03.2017, the department was called Biology and its teaching methods. Arzu Yelmar oglu Bakhshaliyev is leading the department.
9 docents, 7 senior lecturers, 4 assistants are working at the department.
Personnel of the department:
1. Bakhshaliyev Arzu Yelmar oglu – head of the department, part-time docent
2. Muradov Panah Zulfugar oglu – doctor in biological sciences, 0.5 st. professor
3. Garayeva Amalya Gasim gizi – PhD in biology, docent
4. Sultanova Natella Hasankhan gizi – PhD in biology, docent
5. Hasanov Khanahmad Abilhasan oglu - PhD in biology, docent
6. Huseynov Rafig Azizagha oglu - PhD in biology, docent
7. Mammadova Husniya Gara gizi - PhD in tech., docent        
8. Namazov Nizami Rza oglu – PhD in biology, part-time docent
9. Bunyatova Lala Novruz gizi - PhD in biology, docent
10. Isayeva Kamala Kamaladdin gizi - PhD in biology, senior lecturer
11. Alizada Kamala Seyfaddin gizi - PhD in biology, assistant
12. Yunusov Taleh Mammadshah oglu – PhD in biology, senior lecturer
13. Akhundova Sevil Maharram gizi - PhD in biology, senior lecturer
14. Aghayeva Aysel Nuhbala gizi – senior lecturer
15. Hasanova Arzu Rasul gizi - PhD in biology, senior lecturer
16. Aliyev Fikrat Tofig oglu – senior lecturer
17. Gahramanova Aida Yarish gizi – PhD in biology, senior lecturer
18. Aghayeva Zarbab Tavakgul gizi – PhD in biology, part-time assistant
19. Mammadova Mehriban Yusif gizi - part-time assistant
20.  Mammadova Gunay Israfil gizi - PhD in biology, part-time assistant
21. Baghirova Chinara Ziyafat gizi – head of laboratory
22. Badirova Arzu Inshalla gizi – lab. assist.
23. Hashimova Parvin Mirdamat gizi – lab. assist.
24. Ahmadova Aynur Barat gizi - lab.assist.
25. Zeynalova Nigar Hamlet gizi - lab. assist
26. Huseynova Zinyat Farman gizi - preparator
1 PhD student, 5 dissertator and 21 master students are engaged in scientific work at the department.
Specialties: 050505- Biology, 050110 – teacher of Biology, 050112 – teaching of Chemistry and biology
For bachelor’s degree:
Mathematics and biostatistics for the biological sciences
Cytology and histology
Personal development and evolution
Morphology and anatomy of plants
Primitive plants and fungi
Higher plants
Systematics of plants
Invertebrate Zoology
Vertebrate zoology
Vertebrate animals
Human anatomy and physiology
Plant physiology
Genetics and breeding
Evolutionary training
Molecular biology
Flora and fauna of Azerbaijan
Industrial microbiology
the central nervous system
Ecology of vertebrates
Plant geography
Higher class activity and physiology of the sensory system
Biology teaching methodology
Master’s degree:
Specialty of 060505 – Microbiology
1. Genetics of microorganisms
2. Microbiological treatment methods
3. Medical microbiology
4. Bases of industrial microbiology
5. Water microbiology
6. Actinomycetes biology
7. Basis of virology
8. Yeast mushrooms
9.  Cultivation methods of microorganisms
10. Modern problems of biology
11.  History and methodology of biology
12. Main specialty practice
060505 – Genetics
1. Genetics of individual development
2. Molecular genetics
3. Ecological genetics
4. Plant genetics
5. Genetics of evolution
6. Genetics of immune system
7. Genetic engineering
8. Modern problems of biology
9. History and methodology of biology
10. Main specialty practice
11. Plants selection
12. Applied mutagenesis
060505 – Mycology
1. Modern classification of mushrooms
2. Technical mycology
3. Predatory mushrooms
4. Indefinite mushrooms
5. Applied mycology
6. Vegetable plant diseases
7. Physiology of mushrooms
8. Phytopathology
9. Modern problems of biology
10. History and methodology of biology
11. Main specialty practice
060109 – Teaching of biology
1. Modern problems of methods of teaching biology
2. History and methodology of methods of teaching biology
3. Scientific-theoretical bases of school biology course
4. Teaching methods of biological notions
5. Extracurricular and free work in learning biology
6. Teaching methods of subjects of biology
7. Organizing and holding pedagogical practice in biology
8. New teaching methods in teaching biology
9. Economic and ecological education in teaching biology
10. The role of relation between natural sciences in teaching biology
11. Modern status and development perspectives of biology education
12. Theory of biology and learning its rules
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