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Department of Ecology
The department was established in 1991 under the name of “Industrial ecology”. Associate professor R.R. Ahmadova has been leading the department since 2010.
3 docents, 5 senior lecturers and 1 assistant are working in the department.
Ahmadova R.R. - head of department, docent
Ashurova N.D. – docent
Idrisova S.Sh. – docent
Huseynova A.E. – senior lecturer
Seyidova G.M. – senior lecturer
Babayeva T.M. – senior lecturer
Hajiyeva K.A. - senior lecturer 
Aliyeva A.S. -   senior lecturer
Guliyeva A.A. - assistant
Asadova L.A. - head of the laboratory
Amirova R.M. - senior laboratory assistant
Avdunova A.M. - laboratory assistant
Alasgarova R.A. - laboratory assistant
Rahimova G.A. - laboratory assistant
Scientific-research laboratory of industrial ecology:
Guliyeva S.A.- junior researcher
Huseynova I.H.- engineer
Hasanova Y.K. - laboratory assistant
2 PhD, 5 master students are engaged in scientific work at the department.
050649 “Ecological engineering”
Bachelor degree:
1. Environmental engineering
2. Basics of environmental chemistry and toxicology
3. Physical basis of remote sensing
4. Hydrology
5. General ecology
6. Environmental impact assessment
7. Modeling of ecological systems
8. Environmental monitoring
9. Environmental management (ecological management)
10. Waste-free production processes and waste recycling
11. Integrated management of water resources
12. Climate changes and global warming
13. Land reclamation, recultivation and ecological foundations
14. Ecological basis of nature use
15. Economics and forecasting of nature use
16. Natural resources and their efficient use
17. Radioecology;
18. Sources of environmental pollution
19. Basics of environmental expertise and design;
20. Technical bases of environmental protection
21. Renewable energy resources and their efficient use
22. Treatment of waste water
23. Ecology of the biosphere
24. Chemistry of the environment
25. Integrated use and protection of water resources
050510 "Ecology"
26. General ecology
27. Geographical ecology
28. Biosphere and its protection
29. Basics of earth science
30. Soil science
31. Physical basis of remote sensing
32. Industrial ecology
33. Environmental chemistry
34. Effective management of natural resources
35. Ecotoxicology
36. Ecological research methods
37. Landscape science and landscape ecology
38. Environmental law
39. Environmental monitoring
40. Human ecology and sustainable development
41. Air and water quality, pollution and protection
42. Forestry
43. Conservation of biodiversity
44. Soil ecology and evaluation
45. Environmental expertise
46. ​​Radioecology Environmental activity management
47. Chemistry of the environment
48. Economics and forecasting of nature use
49. Ecological basis of nature use
50. Hydrology
51. Integrated use and protection of water resources
060649 – Ecological engineering
Engineering protection of environment and rational use of natural resources
1. Calculation and design of facilities for cleaning the atmosphere from harmful waste
2. Technological bases of environmental engineering protection
3. Halogen organic compounds and dioxin problem
4. Environmental engineering protection and efficient use of natural resources
5. History and methodology of ecological engineering
6. Hazardous industrial and household waste
7. Calculation and design of wastewater treatment facilities
8. Transport and environment
9. Water resources and their integrated use
10. Analysis of industrial facilities
11. Modern problems of environmental engineering
12. Ecological basis of nature use
Scientific direction of the department: 2426.01 – Ecology
Subject: Ecological evaluation of gray-brown soils of Sumgayit industrial zone 2 textbooks, 155 articles and theses, 15 articles abroad were published in recent 5 years as well as 45 syllabuses of specialized and non-specialized subjects, a collection of subject programs for all subjects and 10 subject programs by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education, 2 textbooks at the department. 
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