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Department of Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering
The department has been functioning since 1971.
The department was led by the different persons which are the follows: Sh.S. Sheqol in 1971 -1973, Professor O.A.Narimanbayov in 1973-1979 and professor R.A. Sultanov in 1979-1987. Currently, the head of the department is the professor, A.A. Aghayev since 1987.
2 professors, 7 docents, 6 senior lecturers and 2 assistants are working in the department.
The personnel of the department:
1. A.A. Aghayev – the head of the department, professor
2. G.A. Ramazanov - professor
3. M.M. Muradov –assoc. professor
4. K.M. Rustamov - assoc. professor
5. K.M. Mutallimova - assoc. professor
6. P.T. Shakhtaktinskaya - assoc. professor
7. I.E. Garayeva - assoc. professor
8. M.K.Nazarova – assoc. professor
9. M.M. Hatamov –assoc.professor
10. I.M. Nasirova –senior lecturer
11. N.A. Mustafayeva – senior lecturer
12. Z.U. Abdulazimova –senior lecturer
13. Z.B. Abushova – assistant
14. E.N. Ahmadov – senior lecturer
15. P.M. Shirinov – senior lecturer
16. P.V.Suleymanova – senior lecturer
17. Sh. R. Shirinova, - assistant (0.5st)
18. S.B. Mammadova – head of lab.
19. A.A. Suleymanova – head of lab.
20. A.M. Ahmadova – senior lab. assistant
21. F.Kh.Yusifli – senior lab. assistant
22. A.N. Huseynova - senior lab. assistant
23. D.F. Mirzayeva – lab. assistant
24. S.I.Rzakhanova – lab.assistant
25. D.H.Osmanova – lab.assistant
26. Sh.H. Garayeva – chief.lab assistant
27. Z.F.Yusifova – lab. assistant
28. Kh.M.Mustafayeva – preparator
29. N.S.Agayeva – preparator
Applied Chemistry Scientific-research laboratory under the department:
1. Hatamov Matlab Murtuz-head of lab.
2. Shahgaldiyev Fizuli Khanali – researcher
3. Abdullayeva Minaya Bilal – researcher
4. Abilova Laman Ismi – researcher
4 PhD students on the doctor of sciences program, 4 PhD students on the doctor of philosophy program and 29 master students are engaged in their scientific works at the department.
Taught subjects
Bachelor degree:
Specialties of 050504-Chemistry, 050112 –teaching of Chemistry and biology, 050641-Chemistry engineering, 050606 - Oil and gas engineering
1. Chemical technology
2. Chemical refinery of oil
3. Petrochemistry
4. General organic synthesis
5. Applied electro chemistry
6. Basis of electro chemistry
7. Nano-chemistry
8. General oil technology
9. Obtaining technology of alternative fuels
10. Theoretical electro chemistry
11. Chemical technology of production of organic substances
12. Chemical technology of high molecular combinations
13. Commodity oil and chemistry products
14. Soft organic synthesis
15. Chemical technology of inorganic substances
16. Chemistry of high molecular combinations
17. Chemistry of composition materials
18.  Analytical chemistry
19. Chemistry and physics of high molecular combinations
20. Corrosion and protection of metals
21. Drilling technique and technology of oil and gas wells
22. Development of oil and gas fields
23. Technology of oil and gas extraction through wells
24. Completion of oil and gas wells
25. Collection and preparation of oil and gas to transportation
26. Equipment used in oil and gas extraction, transportation and processing
27. Technology of transportation and storage of oil and gas
28. Technology of protection of operating wells and equipment from corrosion
29. Physical processing technology of oil and gas
30. Nanotechnology
31. Drilling solutions and chemical reagents used in their preparation
32. Dehydration, desalination and stabilization of extracted oil
33. Transfer phenomenon
34. admission to the specialty
35. Methods of increasing hydrocarbon yield of offshore oil and gas wells
36. Engineering of chemical reactions
37. Materials science
38. Fluid mechanics
39. Chemical engineering laboratory
40. Methods of physical and chemical processing of oil
41. Physical and chemical processing of oil
Master’s degree:
Specialty: 060504 –Chemistry, qualification –Petrochemistry
1. History and methodology of Chemistry (fields)
2. Modern problems of Chemistry (fields)
3. Scientific basis of complex refinery of oil and gas
4. Thermodynamics of refinery processes of oil and gas
5. Synthesis of technically important substances on the bases of oil and gas refinery
6. Scientific basis of selection and preparation process of catalysts in the refinery process of oil and gas
7. Additives of oil products
8. The products out of the oil and gas refinery and the improvement methods of their quality
9. Basis of refinery of oil remnants
10. Cleaning methods of oil products
11. Alternative energy sources
Specialty: 060504 – Chemistry, qualification – Electro Chemistry
1. History and methodology of Chemistry (fields)
2. Modern problems of Chemistry (fields)
3. Basics of Nano technology
4. Applied electro chemistry
5. Electro chemical synthesis of inorganic substances
6. Electro chemical synthesis of organic substances
7. Theoretical electro chemistry
8. Galvanized techniques
9. Metal corrosion and protection
10. Electrolysis of halogen organic combinations
11. Chemical power sources
12. Alloys electro chemistry
13. Electro chemical analysis
Speciality - "Chemical technology of polymers"
1. Chemistry and technology of composite materials based on polymers and oligomers
2. Fundamentals of nanotechnology
3. History and methodology of chemistry (by fields).
4. Contemporary problems of chemistry (on fields).
5. Chemistry and technology of monomers
6. Physical chemistry of polymers
7. Chemistry and technology of elastomers
8. Chemical technology of reactoplasts
9. Physico-chemical basis of modification of polymers
10. Chemistry and technology of production of high molecular compounds
11. Chemical technology of plastic masses
12. Synthesis and research of special purpose polymers
13. Basics of designing equipment for the production and processing of polymers
Speciality: 060641 - "Chemical engineering"
Specialization - "Chemistry and technology of basic organic synthesis"                                 
1. History and methodology of chemistry (by fields).
2. Contemporary problems of chemistry (by fields).
3. Fundamentals of nanotechnology
4. Catalyst synthesis and principles of their use for basic organic synthesis processes.
5. Synthesis, chemistry and technology of surfactants
6. Ways of purchasing and using multifunctional solutions, plasticizers.
7. The use of natural, gas, condensate, district and oil refining gases in organic synthesis
8. Chemistry and technology of aromatic compounds.
9. Optimization of chemical-technological processes.
10. Chemical technology of phenols
11. Project management
12. Theoretical basis of production of organic matter
13. Natural gas processing. Synthesis gas industry
Specialty 060504-Chemistry, qualification - chemistry of composition materials
1. History and methodology of Chemistry (fields)
2. Modern problems of Chemistry (fields)
3. Polymer composition materials
4. Synthesis of polymers
5. Paints and varnishes
6. Polymer covers
7. Ingredients of polymer compositions
8. Chemical modification of polymers
9. Composition materials based on oligomers
10. Polymer sorbents
11. Plastic masses
12.Selected fields of HMC chemistry
Specialty: 060504 - «Chemistry»
Specialization - Analytical chemistry
1. Modern problems of chemistry
2. Separation and condensation methods
3. Sample weighing and analysis
4. Application of complex compounds in alchemy
5. Substance monitoring
6. Analysis of food products
7. Chromatographic analysis
8. History and methodology of chemistry
9. Measuring technique
10. Optical analysis methods
11. Electrochemical analysis method
12. Analysis of rare elements
Specialty: 060504 – Chemistry, qualification – Chemistry of high molecular combinations
1. History and methodology of Chemistry (fields)
2. Modern problems of Chemistry (fields)
3. Synthesis and research of polymers
4. Chemistry of composition materials
5. Thermo reactive polymers chemistry
6. Chemistry of composition materials on the basis of oligomers
7. Selected fields of chemistry of high molecular combinations
8.  Physical chemistry of polymers
9.  Chemical modification of polymers
10. Monomers chemistry
11. Thermoplastic polymers
12. Chemistry of polymers with specific characters
Scientific direction of the department:
Scientific-research works are conducted in these fields: 2314.01 - Petrochemistry, 2304.01-Chemistry of macromolecules.
General scientific publications of the department for the last 5 years:
8 textbooks, 36 articles and 6 methodical instructions, 97 scientific articles (31 of them abroad), 150 theses (26 of them abroad) , 45 major programs for bachelor lessons, 84 for master lessons were published at the department. 3 Azerbaijan patents and 4 Eurasia patents were received.
Department cooperates with the following institutions:
Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Y.H. Mammadaliyev of ANAS, Institute of Catalyst and Inorganic Chemistry after M.F. Naghiyev, Institute of Polymer Materials, Institute of Organic Chemistry after N.D. Zelinski of RAS, and related departments and labs of the Baku State University, 19 May University of Turkey, Azerbaijan Technical University and State Oil and Industrial University.
Professor A.A. Agayev and G.A. Ramazanov were awarded with the honorary title “Honored teacher” by Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic in 16.11.2012. Assoc. professor G.K. Bayramov and docent T.D. Guliyev were awarded with the medal of “Progress”. Meanwhile, Professor D.A. Ashurov and docent T.D. Guliyev were awarded with the icon of “Distinguished education employee” by the Ministry of Education. Assoc. professor A.A. Aghayev and assoc. professor Sh. A. Tarverdiyev were awarded with the diplomas of honor by the Ministry of Education. Docent M.M. Muradov, docent M.K.Nazarova, docent K.M. Mutallimova and senior lecturer I.M. Nasirova were awarded with the diplomas of honor by Free Trade Unions Committee of Education Employees of Azerbaijan Republic.
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20