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Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods
The department has been functioning since 2017. Head of the department is Heydarova Meftun Nizami gizi.
7 docents, 8 candidates of sciences, 2 senior lecturers and 5 lecturers are working at the department.8 master's degree students are engaged in the scientific work.
Names and positions of personnel:
Heydarova Maftun Nizami gizi – head of the department , PhD in Math,part-time docent
Hasanova Khalida Sidgali gizi – Ph.D in pedagogy , part-time docent
Aghayarov Matlab Huseynqulu oghlu – DscPhysics and Math., docent
Aliyev Fakhraddin Feyzulla oghlu - PhD in math, docent
Allahverdiyeva Natavan Ahmadali gizi-Ph.d in math,docent
Bayramova Novrasta Sidgali gizi-Ph.D in math,1,5states docent
Aliyeva Konul Hamid gizi - PhD in Math, docent
Suleymanova Vusala Abdulla gizi – senior lecturer
Aliyeva Ulviyya Sanqan gizi – senior lecturer
Mehbaliyeva Esmira Vidadi gizi – assistant
Aliyeva Aynura Ruslan gizi – assistant
Rzayeva Vafa Gulagha gizi – assistant
Babayeva Ulker Rafig gizi – assistant
Hatamova Roya Fikrat gizi- assistant
Nasirova Leyla Vidadi gizi- senior lab.assist.
Taught subjects:
Bachelor degree:
1) Elementary mathematics – 1, 2
2) Teaching methodology of mathematics – 1, 2
3) Teaching methodology of mathematics
4) Teaching methodology of informatics
5) Application of mathematical analysis elements in the school math course
6)  Basics of general education curriculum
7)Teaching methodology of elementary mathematics course – 1, 2
8)Informatics and its teaching methodology
9) Solving textual problems in primary classes
10) Mathematics – 1 (Basics of mathematics)
11) Higher mathematics – 1, 2
12) Higher mathematics  
13) Mathematics - 1,2
14) Mathematics
15) Analytical geometry-1,2
16) Differential geometry and topology.
17) Linear algebra and analytic geometry
18) Analytic geometry and tensor calculus
19) Analytical geometry and higher algebra
20) Mathematics and its teaching methodology in primary classes-1,2
21) Methodology for the development of logical and mathematical thinking in preschool educational institutions.
22) Actual problems of the method of forming simple mathematical concepts.
23) Analytic geometry
24) Elementary mathematics
25) Informatics teaching methodology
Master’s degree:
1) Modern problems of mathematics teaching methodology
2) History and methodology of mathematics teaching methods
3) Scientific basics of school mathematics course – 1, 2
4) Numerical systems and their teaching methods in school mathematics course
5) Teaching elements of higher mathematics in school mathematics course
6) Math problems with increased difficulty and their teaching methods
7) Application of modern technologies in teaching mathematics
8) Theory and methodology of mathematics in high school
9) History of mathematics and mathematical education
10) Methods and methodologies of pedagogical research in area of mathematics teaching methodology
11)  Problems of intra- and interdisciplinary connection in the teaching of the school mathematics course.
12) Actual problems of forming simple mathematical notions
 Scientific direction of the faculty: 5801.01 – Theory and methodology of training and upbringing (on fields and levels of education), Modern problems of mathematics and informatics teaching methodologies.
 The main scientific publications of the department in recent years:
15 teaching aids, 5 methodical aids, 1 monograph, 320 articles, including 40 articles have been published abroad. 32 syllabuses, 40 subject programs have been published.
 Scientific and pedagogical relations have been established with Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University, Baku Engineering University, Baku Girls University, Nakhchivan Teachers Institute, Ganja State University, ANAS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Education of Institute of Azerbaijan Republic, Shaki State University, Kharkov Technical Institute Ukraine), Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia), Kuban State Agrarian University (Russia), Tbilisi State University, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University and other institutions.
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20