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Physics and its teaching methods
According to the order dated 30.03.2017 of Scientific Board of Sumgayit State University, the Department of General physics and Department of Teaching methods of physics were united. The Department of Physics and its teaching methods was established on the base of these 2 departments.Docent Fuad Mammadov Aziz oglu has been leading the department since 2014.  
1 professor,6 docents, 3 senior lecturer, 2 assistants, 1 head of laboratory, 3 senior laboratory assistants, 2 laboratory assistants, and 1preparator are working in the department.
The personnel of the department:
1. Mammadov Fuad Aziz oglu – head of department, part-time docent
2. Huseynov Veli Allahverdi oghlu - professor, corresponding member of ANAS
3. Gurbanov Mehdi Mahammad oglu - docent
4. Gojayev Murghuz Mughan oglu – docent
5. Latifova Sevil Seyfulla gizi – docent
6. Sadigova Sara Rashid gizi – docent
7. Mammadova Rasmiyya Latif gizi – docent
8. Zeynalov Hamlet Ikhtiyar  oglu - senior lecturer
9. Hashimova Aynur Ikhtiyar gizi – docent
10. Huseynova Kamala Musallim gizi -  senior lecturer,Ph.D. in philology
11. Shahsuvarova Garanfil Abdul gizi – assistant
12. SalimovaVafa Vali gizi– assistant
13. Rzayeva Aybeniz Samandar gizi – head of laboratory
14. Guluyeva Sevinj Shahin gizi - lab.assistant
15. Heydarova Gulmira Akbar gizi - senior lab.assistant
16. Ayvazova  Zamina  Nuru gizi - senior lab. assistant
17. Babayeva Aynur Anvar gizi - laboratory assistant
18. Garayeva Elvira Sahib gizi - 0.5st. laboratory assistant
19. Aghaliyeva Madina  Rafik gizi- preparator
1 doctoral student on the doctor of sciences program, 1 doctoral student on the doctor of philosophy program and 14 master students are engaged in scientific work in the department.
aught subjects.
Bachelor degree:
1. Teaching methods of physics – 1, 2
2. Scientific basis of school physics course
3. Problem solution inteaching physics
4. Bases of general curriculum
5. Mechanics
6. Molecular physics
7. Electricity and magnetism
8. General physics
9.Bases of physics
10. Applied physics
11.  Physics
12.  Basic concepts in physics and their teaching
Master degree:
1. Modern problems of teaching methods of physics
2. Modern problems of physics
3. History and methodology of teaching methods of physics
4. History and methodology of physics Specialization  subjects
5. Physical constants and coefficients
6. Curriculum in teacher training
7. Special problems of teaching physics
8. Solution methods of complex problems in teaching physics – 1
9. Methods and technology of theoretical and experimental researches in  teaching physics
10. Scientific-theoretical bases of school physics course
11.System and improvement of experiment of school physics
12. Application of modern technology in teaching physics
13. Ecological issues in teaching physics
14. Teaching of theory and law in physics
15. Research methods
16. Vibration and waves
17. Studying crystalline structure via radiographic method
18. Molecular structure and the nature of molecular power
19. Theoretical bases of thermal parameters
20. Synthesis of crystals and growing methods of monocrystalline
Scientific-research works of the Department: “Studying crystalline structure of semiconductor compounds obtained on the basis of I, III and VI group elements”, “Teaching methods and methodology of physics in continuous education system”, “Studying physical features of various substances”
1 monograph, 3 textbooks, 2 methodological materials, a large number of subject programs and syllabuses, including 23 subject programs at the bachelor"s level, 19 subject programs at the master"s level, up to 80 scientific articles and theses, including 14 of them with impact factor , were published   as well as, 37 ​​scientific articles - 5 of them abroad and  39 conference materials.
In recent years the following textbooks have been published:  associate professor Fuad Mammadov"s monographs "Methodological principles of modern physics", "Rationality and non-rationality", "The category of law in the system of modern scientific knowledge", prof. Y.G. Nurullayev and Assoc. F.E. Mammadov "Modern problems of physics teaching methodology", prof. Y.Q. Nurullayev and Assoc. R.L. Mammadova"s "Methodology of teaching molecular physics in high school course", "Low temperature physics" by M.M. Gurbanov, S.S. Latifova and M.M. Gocayev, "Applied physics" by M.M. Gurbanov, etc.
The Department cooperates with Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. 


Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20