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 1.Scientific section was established in the base of Patent office according to the order R01-26/1 of Sumgayit State University dated 19.05.2014 and order №220 dated 10.02.2010 given by President of Azerbaijan Republic about “Application of new financing mechanism in higher education institutions”. Responsible persons should be appointed for Scientific News journal, patent and scientific-technical works, scientific-research works and qualification improvement.

According to order K02-167/2 of Sumgayit State University dated 13.06.2014, head of Information and computer technics department Namazov Anar Museyib oghlu was appointed chief of Scientific section in 11.06.2014. According to oder K-120/02 of Sumgayit State University dated 19.10.2016, docent of Infromation and computer technics department Mansurov Gadir Mammad oglu was appointed chief of the section. Since 11.09.2017 Orujov Samir Kamal oglu, docent of Solid and semiconductor physics department has been working as a chief of scientific section.
2.1 docent and 2 head methodologists are working at Scientific section.
3.Co-workers of Scientific section:
Chief of Scientific section – doc.Orujov Samir Kamal oglu
Head methodologist – Shahverdiyeva Sevda Sakit gizi
Head methodologist – Mammadova Shafagat Telman gizi (PhD candidate)
1.General description 
1.1.Scientific section is structural part of Sumgayit State University. It organizes planning and fulfillment of scientific research works, preparation of reports about application of results in production and teaching process, hold of discussion, co-ordination of scientific creativity of employees with teaching and educational work. 
1.2.Scientific section operates according to legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, decisions and orders of Cabinet of Ministers, Charter of Sumgayit State University, decisions of Scientific Board, rector’s orders and instructions.
1.3.Staff schedule of Scientific section is approved by rector on the basis of recommendation of vice-rector for Science and innovations.
1.4.The section is directly guided by vice-rector for Science and innovations.
2.Tasks of Scientific section
2.1.Main tasks of the section are followings:
2.2.Collecting proposals from departments and laboratories and presenting them to Scientific Board in order to form scientific directions of Sumgayit State University;
2.3.Collecting proposals on involvement of scientific-research works arising from social, economic prospects of the country;
2.4.Collecting proposals and presenting to debate for participating in joint scientific researches together with educational and scientific centers of foreign countries;
2.5.Preparation of annual collections about “significant results achieved in fields of natural, technical, social and humanitarian sciences” summarizing completed scientific-research works.
2.6.Preparation of annual reports about finished scientific research works;
2.7.Preparation of proper proposals for use of scientific research work results in production which is essential to national economy;
2.8.Control over timely fulfillment by the relevant structural subdivisions of the commitments undertaken by the university to conclude agreements on scientific and technical cooperation with science and education centers;
2.9.Preparation of proposals about forms of application of results of scientific research works in teaching and production, improvement of its methods;
2.10.Collecting proposals about development of new techniques and technologies, application in production coming from customer organizations, proper preparation for economic contracts;
2.11.State registration of carried out scientific researches, organization of proper preparation of completed scientific research reports;
2.12.Introduce scientific forums which will be held out of SSU to professor-teaching staff, engineer-technicians and students, provide their participation in them;
2.13.Involving students of SSU in scientific activities;
2.14.Preparation of conference materials and scientific collections devoted to topical issues of SSU;
2.15.Organization of scientific-technical conferences of students and experts;
2.16.Carrying out official documentation confirming the copyright of patents for employees" inventions;
2.17.Participate in public and scientific events in the country, to represent the university in the relevant republican bodies on inventive matters;
2.18.Study and use of positive experiences of management and organization of application mechanisms of inventions, patent-licensing, scientific-research;
2.19.Collecting proposals about improvement of the structure of scientific research unit, change of scientific directions and names of research laboratories, establishment and cancellation of new laboratories, their presentation to Scientific Board;
2.20.Organization of registration, patenting and examination of scientific research materials intended for publication;
2.21.Providing the authors with guidance on patenting of inventions, methodical instructions;
2.22.Preparation of legal documents and inventions necessary for obtaining a patent and submission to the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of Azerbaijan Republic;
2.23.Participation of students in Olympiads and other events together with Student Scientific Society;
2.24.Collection, expertise and publication of materials for the University"s publication "Scientific News";
2.25.Organization of control over observance of internal discipline rules in scientific research laboratories.
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