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Scientific Council

 Staff of the Scientific Board is formed according to “Regulation on scientific board of higher educational institution” approved by the order of Ministry of Education dated 10.10.1997, №792.

Scientific Board includes rector, vice-rectors, director of Teaching and methodological center, scientific secretary, faculty deans, chairman of Trade Union Committee, relevant department managers and chairmen of student organizations for the position held. Other members of the Scientific Board are elected by secret ballot of faculty colleagues. 
Scientific Board carries out proper principal functions for perspective development of the university and regulates university works in various spheres as a legislative organ. It awards scientists and statesmen with honorary titles of SSU, holds elections for positions of dean, department chief, professor etc., establishes scholarships. Scientific Board makes decisions for creation of faculties, departments, laboratories and implementation of necessary structural changes.
Scientific Board petitions in front of Higher Attestation Commission under the President of AzerbaijanRepublic for giving scientific names; supplements and amends SSU Charter if necessary.
In its meetings, Scientific Board ensures significant education and science policy, priorities of international relations, cadre and social problems, improvement of infrastructure of SSU and fulfillment of other perspective plans.
Meetings of Scientific Board are held once in a month during an academic year. It approves teaching and scientific research work plans periodically, listens to the reports of faculties, departments and other structural sections. The Board functions according to designed and approved plan and then the plans are endorsed by the rector after discussion in Scientific Board.
Right now, SSU Scientific Board has 45 members. Chairman of the Board is rector Professor E.B.Huseynov, Scientific secretary is Professor M.M.Samadov.
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