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Economic office
There are 78 employees at Economic office who are functioning under the vice-rector for Economic Affairs. Administrative division consists of three (3) sections: 
Rafig Sofiyev- Head of Economic office. Commandants: Nazarova Nabatkhanum
(1st campus), Aghayeva Safura (2nd campus).
Security staff - 15 people are responsible for the university security.
32 servants, 2 drivers, 5 gardeners, 3 telephone-operators are employed for this office. Sanitary staff is responsible for hygienic issues. The main tasks of this division arecontrolling household cleanness and renovation, spading the garden, planting trees, protectinggreenness, supervising university cleanness. 
Technical Operations section:
This office is responsible for the equipment and resources (water, gas, light, equipment). Renovations, maintenances and constructions are carried under the control of this department.  Staff of this department consists of:
A chief engineer Nabi Kosayev,a chief mechanician Sovet Mammadov, a chief power engineering specialist  Abdullayev Vagif, engineers Bahar Bayramova and Ahmadov Elkhan. There are also 7 workers employed for this office.
Provision section:
Aliyeva Matanat -   Head of section
Abdullayev Yasin -Foreman
Gasimova Hijran –Warehouse. Each of 3 divisions is functioning coordinately and does its best to carry renovation, reconstruction and administrative issues according to modern demands.  The office is responsible for buying wares, goods, inventors, equipment,their documentation and delivering them to other departments or divisions.
Sumgait, Azerbaijan
43rd block
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20
Fax: +994-18 642-02-70
E-mail: info@sdu.edu.az