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14 January 2019 11:02
 The next “Open door” day will be held at Sumgayit State University. “Open door” day will be held on January 22 at 09:30 by the participation of members of Public Control... Read more
07 December 2018 14:35
 A group of German language commenced in Linguistic Center of Sumgayit State University, along with groups of English and Russian languages. Those, who are interested, can apply to Linguistic Cen... Read more
07 December 2018 12:29
 THE SEMINAR WILL BE HELD BY HUMAN RESOURCES CENTER OF MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ON RECRUITMENT PROCESS OF TEACHERS The seminar will be held on recruitment process of teachers to state educational i... Read more
03 December 2018 13:11
Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Sumgayit State University Announces admission for PhD and doctor of sciences in 2018 PhD program Specialty ... Read more
23 November 2018 12:39
 December 1 is World AIDS Day. On November 29, educational event will be held on this topic.
14 November 2018 17:12
                                         СУМГАИТСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ    ... Read more
05 November 2018 00:00
November 9 is the Azerbaijan State Flag Day. State flag of our Republic is a symbol of state sovereignty, expressing its freedom, identity of the nation and struggle for concrete goals. Dear readers!... Read more
02 November 2018 21:26
Student Trade Union Committee and Student Youth Organization of Sumgayit State University announce the contest “The best article” among students aiming to learn and promote the life, activ... Read more
27 October 2018 16:35
The meeting of PhD.02.193 Dissertation Board will be held on November 2, 2018                                 &n... Read more
25 October 2018 15:46
Sumgayit State University organizes “Open door day” periodically. “Open door day” will be held at Sumgayit State University on October 30, at 10:00. The visitors will get acq... Read more
28 September 2018 11:38
 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN SUMGAYIT STATE UNIVERSITY INFORMATIONAL LETTER   Dear colleagues!   We invite you to participate at Republican scientific conf... Read more
28 September 2018 11:23
 Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic                                        ... Read more
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