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A library is a sacred place anda source of culture, knowledge and intellect for people, nation and society.

The Azerbaijani people have always been distinguished by their high literary culture and known for their rich libraries. 
As stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the library activity”, a library is a social institution where printed works and other information sources are collected and preserved, and which serves for the development of society, as well as its intellectual and moral potential.
A library that started operating as a branch of Oil and Chemistry Institute named after M.Azizbayov in 1966, and operated as a library of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute since 1975 and as a library of Sumgayit State University (SSU) since 2000 was named the Academic library by the decision of the meeting of the Academic Council of SSU dated February 28, 2014.
a) The Academic library is one of the leading structural divisions of the higher education institution and a centre for spreading moral and intellectual relations, which trains and teaches scientific and research processes, provides the university with the academic and methodical literature, as well as information materials, and which promotes knowledge.
b) The academic library is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On education”, the law “On the library activity”, state and government documents, orders, decrees and regulations of the Ministry of Education, as well as orders and decrees of the university. 
1) to provide library, information and bibliography services in accordance with the needs and requests of students, candidates, undergraduates, postgraduates, PH.D students, scientific workers, professor and teacher staff and university’s readers from other categories 
2) to establish library holdings that is consistent with the profile of the university and the information needs of readers; in addition to the traditional printed materials, to make a transition to new information technology; and alongside nurturing information culture, to teach the readers the ability to use information-bibliographic equipment and new information technology.
The Academic library of SSU arranges the book holdings in accordance with the specialties.
The Academic library helps the readers to use its book collections more efficiently, and provides professor and teacher staff, postgraduate students with textbooks, manuals, methodical guidelines, journals and their electronic versions.
There are 4 departments of the academic library:
1.Acquisition and cataloguing department 
2.Service department - (subscription and reading room)
3.Information and bibliography department 
4.Fiction department
3.Holdings of the academic library:
1.General collection - 140987
2.Azerbaijani literature - 53515
3.Russian literature - 57280
4.Methodology - 8946
5.Journal - 19236
6.Dissertation abstract – 1309
7.Master’s theses - 701
“Electronic library” operates in the Academic library which is equipped with modern computer equipment and connected to internet.
3500 literatures have been placed in the database of the “E-library”. Furthermore, an “Electronic catalogue” has been created, and currently, the work is in progress in this direction.
In addition, electronic versions of “the texts of the lections” sent by other departments of the university are placed in the computers and provided for the use of students. The Academic library has 18 employees.
Sumgait, Azerbaijan
43rd block
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E-mail: info@sdu.edu.az