On February 7, the following meeting of Scientific Board held. Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov commenced the meeting; greeting Board members gave information about recent achievements of the University, novelties and issues on agenda.
Head of Teaching Methodical Center docent Isabal Gurbanov delivered report about the results of exam session of autumn semester of 2018/2019 academic year on Bachelor’s degree, vice-rector on Correspondence, Distant and Extra education docent Gafar Atayev on correspondence education, head of Doctorate and Master Programs Office docent Sabir Khalilov on Master’s degree. They notified that examinations were carried out in a written form, in a case of necessity it held in a form of verbal dialogue. Examinations were held objectively and the students’ knowledge evaluated transparently. “Open door” days were held by the participation of representatives of Public Control Board and parents.
Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov noted that exam session organized in a high level and the results are satisfactory. But some issues should always be in the center of attention. It should be strived to increase the number of excellent students in the University. It was suggested to discuss colloquium results in faculty scientific boards in order to improve preparation level of students to exams and upgrading their writing habits. He recommended faculty deans, department heads and lecturers to explore some measures for I course students for supporting their adaptation to university environment and achieving successful results.
Scientific secretary Professor Mukhtar Samadov gave information about approval of dissertation works’ topics of PhD candidates on Doctor of sciences program and determination of scientific consultant. He noted that 10 persons admitted to Doctorate on Doctor of sciences program in 2019. Specialist preparation is conducted Doctor of sciences program for the first time in SSU history. Doctorate preparation on Doctor of sciences program of 24 people conducted in 2017, 2018, 2019. Professor Mukhtar Samadov thanked to Professor Elkhan Huseynov for his care and attention to every member of the university collective, especially to young PhD candidates.
Afterwards State exam program for 050107-Physical education and pre-conscription training (physical education for girls) ratified. Thus, Scientific Board’s meeting concluded.
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